Moree Meat Processing Factory Shop opened at the premises 16-22 Parramatta Road Strathfield in the early 1950’s as a meat wholesale company.  It was at this site Moree Meat expanded into export production servicing the USA and selected Asian markets such as Japan and Korea.


In 1984 Trevor Wadland proprietor purchased the business and the property, remodelled and upgraded both the property and factory and continued the boning of meat for export.  Moree Meat was involved in over 30 retail shops, and the factory production changed to specialise in the boning and processing of tender young veal and yearling meat for the domestic suburban trade.


Trevor Wadland learned his trade in his father’s butcher shop, George Wadland’s shop was located in the Wareemba Shopping Centre in Abbotsford.  It was here Trevor gained valuable experience servicing the Italian and Greek communities,  of the inner western suburbs of Sydney, still to this day Trevor caters to both these communities at the Bakehouse Quarters  site.


Trevor ‘s first shop was located on Great North Road, Five Dock adjacent to the Five Dock Police Station, both of which have now been demolished.  This shop was the first shop of a chain that expanded across Sydney and up to the Hunter Valley.


Moree Meat Factory traded at the site on Parramatta Road until 2002, not without it’s problems. Trevor was working in with the local Council and the Roads and Traffic Authority regarding the danger of semi-trailers entering and exiting the busy Parramatta Road premise. The building was starting to pass its use by date for his growing family business and was in a dilapidated state. Trevor decided it was in the best interest and safety of the local community and staff to sell the Moree Meat site to developers and find a new place to call home.


Moree Meat had a new home, how exciting, now situated on the newly revamped Arnott’s Biscuit Site now known as the Bakehouse Quarters, 22 George Street North Strathfield.  From a dated old factory, to a very modern establishment the team at Moree Meats were ready once more to do what they do best, and that is to serve their customers, by providing top quality meat, with friendly service in a top quality premise.    Most of the senior staff moved with Trevor to the new quarters.  Moree Meats has a management team of four people who effectively share the responsibilities and are always keen to offer their butchering skills, knowledge and experience to our customers.


In keeping with tradition Moree Meats still specialises in prime milk fed veal for bulk orders, as well as young pink coloured yearling beef.  Grain fed female pork is also one of our specialties.  In recent years Moree Meat have also specialised in Capretto Goats, which are available weekly for spit, BBQ’s or roasting.  Trevor often supplies his own home produced milk fed vealers from his rural property in Gloucester in the Hunter Valley to the Moree Meat Factory.  These are naturally grass fed.


Trevor, having owned abattoirs and meat wholesale businesses over vast years, has gained tremendous experience, knowledge and contacts which in turn enables him to purchase and offer top quality meat at extremely competitive prices to you our customers.  Trevor has carried on his father’s philosophy and Moree Meat offers “The highest Quality at the lowest possible price” For many years Moree Meat are famous for their large range of flavoured sausages and in particular their tasty beef sausages a recipe handed down from his father George which dates back to the 1920’s.  Moree Meat sausages are made with natural sausage skins. 


At present the Moree Meat Factory is servicing caterers with carton meat, primal or cut to order, and also lasagne and pie producing factories.  All products are delivered in licensed refrigerated vans.